What makes World Wide Life Sciences Unique?

World Wide Life Sciences is not just any provider of laboratory tools. We are a leading, global authority in premium-grade, technology-driven products and we are highly respected among the scientific community. Our product are unique because they are subjected to stringent testing and feature precise tolerances so that you may rest assured you are getting the highest quality product available. Our team is unique because we are committed to the highest possible level of customer satisfaction!

What is BioExcell®?

BioExcell® is actually WWLS’s own in-house brand of high quality research products that make up the core of our laboratory supply division. The work we have put into the BioExcell® brand is the culmination of WWMP’s years of experience and expertise. We have produced the best possible products that we consider the essential tools needed for every lab to succeed. If your lab is interested in cutting-edge research, you’ll be interested in BioExcell® products!

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

We are ready to help you, so please feel free to contact us through whatever method best suits your needs:

U.S. Toll-free: (866) 889-WWMP (9967)
International: (609) 570-1100
Fax: (609) 570-1110
Email: sales@wwmponline.com

What is LabsGoGreen?

The LabsGoGreen program is WWLS’s very own initiative. We have created the first in-house recycling program for laboratory plastics distributors. This recycling program is designed to immediately aid in the efforts to bring recycling into the laboratory environment. We are certain this program will help everyone do their part to become increasingly environmentally friendly and we are excited about the positive impact we are able to make through LabsGogreen. To learn more, please visit www.labsgogreen.com.